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Encouraging creative writing among young students

Sandra McMahan began her education career as a reading tutor. She sought her Elementary Ed. degree from Western Carolina University and began teaching kindergarten and first grades. After three years in the classroom, she went back to school and earned her MSA degree. She became lead teacher at a K-12 public school. During a leave of absence, she fulfilled her desire to launch a non-profit organization that focused on encouraging creative writing among young students. She enjoys traveling with her family, Mountain Faith Band, as they promote creative writing and provide students the opportunity to attend live concerts fostering an academic component.

“My mission is guided by the desire to inspire students to be life-long writers. Without writing we lose generations of stories and thoughts. I want to bring to the forefront the importance of sharing their stories in any writing format possible!”

– Sandra McMahan

“Writing has always been a way for me to express exactly what I am feeling. I write things that I find difficult to articulate to others. It’s a great way to relieve stress and work through happy and not so happy times!” – Summer McMahan

“Songwriting is by far my favorite part of the music-making process! I absolutely love the idea of starting with a blank piece of paper, and through reviewing past adventures, relationships or other life experiences, penning down a song that will hopefully inspire, encourage or sympathize with someone who might otherwise be a complete stranger!” – Cory Piatt

Writing music is important to me because it gives you the chance to tell your story in song. Music can make you and your audience feel the emotions you write about, and feel what you felt. There are no boundaries and an unlimited supply of notes and words. The best way to start is to write YOUR story! – Brayden McMahan

“One of my favorite classes in college was a writing course I took as a freshman. I really began to enjoy writing when I received some advice that every great writer seems to do so well: Don’t just tell someone a story, show them!” – Nick Daulphinais

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